3D Design: Spring 2022

The project to the left is my fashion without fabrics project created with Abigail Tompson. We created a moth wearable sculpture all with non fabric materials. I created the headpiece, the leg warmers, and I made the bag. I also helped with the wings and the boots. She was our model for this project. I also have a wooden project, a paper and wire mobile, and a cardboard sculpture. In this course I struggled with the process lab and learning how to use the cutting and sanding machines. I am most proud of the fashion without fabrics project.

Drawing 1 : Spring 2022

This class focused on line and value. We primarily worked in charcoal. Through this course I learned how to create straight lines without rulers. I learned how to draw from observation. I learned how to move from line to value. This course taught me a lot about time management and how to work big. It also taught me how to persevere and try again; you can see through the history in my line drawings. My favorite drawing completed in this class is my library drawing at the bottom. Looking back at my work I notice that my borders are not even, but overall that dosen't take away from the drawing. Overall this course set me up for success to take drawing two and has taught me a lot about how I will teach drawing in the future as well as how to draw in general. To get more information about the artwork, click on the picture and in the bottom left there is text that contains more information about the artwork