Drawing 2 : Fall 2022

Mobile Phone Photography : Fall 2022

Lighting The Way In: Black and White Series 
The 10 photos above were taken to practice techniques taught in class. 
Colorful Love: Color Series 
Sky Painting: Long Exposure Series 
Going to Get a Book
Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep 
Day of the Dinosaurs 

The first part of this class focused on photography, the second part of the class focused on videography. This class teaches Photoshop skills and Premier Pro skills. This class has added to my competency in both programs as well as introduced me to the Lightroom app for my phone and Adobe Bridge. I struggled to try to use new techniques, but overall this class has taught me how to use a mobile device like: I would use a DSLR camera. This class has also helped me see how different students approach photography and film which is very useful when thinking about how to teach future students how to use mobile devices for photography and videography as well as teaching editing in both photography and videography.

This class was building on my knowledge from Drawing 1. We worked in many different art mediums and many different places. We even had a project in the heating plant at UW-Stout. This course has taught me to think more critically about art and how add things like: texture and reflected color onto a drawing to make it more than a photograph. I feel like I was good at coming up with my ideas and concepts for my projects. I also feel like this class definitely highlighted my improvement in time management. I did however struggle to get definition and small details when working in soft pastel, so there is definitely room for improvement. Overall this class is a foundation to help me know how to draw and see a glimpse of how to teach drawing to future students.