Art Education-308 Fall 2023

Practicum Experience

 Gwen Stein, Teaching Practicum, 308 with Ann Carslile.

These are the artifacts from my second practicum experience! Through this experience, I have learned so much and got to teach a lesson. To see the pictures on this page better, click on them to enlarge them. They also have titles at the bottom of the enlarged screen. Overall I have learned more about how to interact with students as well as how to structure things to better fit the needs of my students. 

Photos of me teaching

Student and My Work!

Below is my lesson plan. This lesson plan is mainly focused on the assessment portion of teaching as well as targeting areas of focus that were set by my Corroborating Teacher. This lesson plan has been edited since teaching so it shows some of the learning that happened while teaching the lesson. 

Below is my edited video of me teaching, the footage is all from day one. This is a group of fish graders and our the focus of this day was to introduce the lesson  as well as the concepts of art therapists and Zentangle. 

Below is part of my instructional materials. This is a slide show that helped guide me through the lesson and make it easier to navigate and pull up videos to show students. 

Below is an essay on effective teachers and how I demonstrate these traits in my video (shown above. This was a self reflective piece to see if we had implemented effective teaching strategies we learned about. 

To the left is a worksheet I made as part of my instructional materials for the lesson. This worksheet was to help them review what we had just talked about and also to see what they remembered from previous projects. 

To the right  is a rubric  students can fill out. This rubric uses student friendly language and a more student friendly design. This rubric also has a space for questions to have students add some written work to show what they learned. 

To the left is a packet filled with zentangle patterns and designs. This is useful to help students with decision paralysis and helps to eliminate the need for them to look things up on the iPads instead. 

Below is my three focus students work, what I graded them and what feedback I had for them. This also has how I could have improved the learning for them. This is good to be self reflective for my self and it helps me put in to writing what I told the students about their artwork. 

Below is my evaluation of my cooperating teacher. This is a reflective practice that helped me to internalized all of the great things I should take away from my experience working with my cooperating teacher and what I can learn to try in different ways. We are all still growing so it is important to learn from others so we as teachers can be the best we can for our students. 

Below is my context for learning. This is important because it helps me know more about the students I am teaching. I give me the context I need to make a successful lesson for them and to better relate to them. By knowing them and their area I can better understand how to teach them. 

Below is my letter to family where I ask them if their student can be filmed and introduce myself. This taught me how to write to parents and help me show my professional self in my writing.